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New chapter, new challenge for Jose Munoz

Jose Munoz comes to Hyundai with a reputation for being the architect of Nissan's brand-destroying stair-step incentives. He has a lot to prove to his new dealers.

GM escapes both death and taxes

If you paid federal income taxes last year, you paid more than General Motors and Penske Automotive Group.

2019 New York auto show hits & misses

Two industry-watchers from Automotive News walked the floor at the New York auto show and issued their views and verdicts.

Mercedes squeezes another small crossover into its lineup

The vehicle underscores the ongoing fragmentation of the segment as luxury makers pursue new spaces on the affordability scale.

Bottleneck strikes build solidarity, Dias says

Walkouts at key parts plants send a message that the union is serious about disrupting operations, said Jerry Dias, president of the Canadian union Unifor.