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Some dealers question Stellantis' 2030 U.S. EV sales goal

The automaker aims to go from selling almost no plug-ins today to 40 percent of its U.S. sales being electrified by 2030.

Penske, Cox team on used-car buying tool

Esntial Commerce eventually will be rolled out to Penske's and other groups' franchised dealerships and will likely add capability for new vehicles.

Gasoline models are GM's hedge for sales, share in electric transition

Battery-powered vehicles are set to start arriving at dealerships, though many gasoline-powered alternatives will remain.

A green mobility bank could give EVs the spark they need

Access to low-interest financing can overcome the public's initial hesitancy to adopt electric vehicles and get the market for a new technology moving.

Highlights from the latest episodes of "Daily Drive," July 16-22

Here are edited highlights from the latest episodes of "Daily Drive," Automotive News' weekday podcast, July 16-22.

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